BUDGIE - Complete Gig Listing!

Early 1968        British Steel Co (BSC Club), Cardiff, Wales (Debut gig)
                         John 'Burke' Shelley, Raymond Phillips, Brian Goddard & Kevin? on guitar
                         Band was billed as "HILLS CONTEMPORARY GRASS"
??/06/1968       Venue?, Wales
                         First gig as "BUDGIE" with John 'Burke' Shelley, Raymond Phillips, Brian Goddard & Tony Bourge on guitar!
28/06/1968 Paget Rooms, Penarth, Wales 01/11/1968 Municipal Hall, Pontypridd, Wales
02/03/1969 St Peters Dance Hall, Cardiff, Wales 05/03/1969 Llan-y-Nant High School, Llangwm, Wales 10/03/1969 Top Rank Suite, Cardiff, Wales 1968 - 1970 Ritz Cinema & Dance Hall, Skewen, Glamorgan, Wales (Budgie played here on multiple occasions) ??/??/1970 RFC, Llanharan, Wales (Budgie frequently played this venue in the early days) 21/05/1970 Old Granary, Wales ? ??/12/1970 'The Village', Dagenham Roundhouse, Dagenham, Essex, England (Venue not confirmed. First live appearance outside Wales?) 14/12/1970 The Marquee, London, England (One of their first gigs outside Wales, support for Gracious) 19/12/1970 St. Mary's Church Hall, Whitchurch, Wales (Not confirmed) ??/12/1970 Top Rank, Cardiff, Wales ??/12/1970 Pagent Rooms, Penarth, Wales ??/12/1970 Memorial Hall, Barry, Wales (3000 people in audience!)

Thanks to Peter Ellis‎ for the Pontypridd gig advert
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The BUDGIE REUNION in May 1995 21/05/1995 Joe Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas, USA (La Semana Alegre Festival, Budgie Re-union gig) 22/08/1996 The Showcase, San Antonio, Texas, USA (Live Rehearsals) 24/08/1996 Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, Texas, USA 28/05/1999 Plinston Hall, Letchworth, England (Reunion gig with Steve Williams on drums) 12/06/1999 Sweden Rock Festival, Solvesborg, Sweden 14/04/2000 Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, Texas, USA [With Legs Diamond/ Moxy, CANCELLED] 15/04/2000 Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, Texas, USA (with Legs Diamond/ DIO) 29/09/2001 Legends of Welsh Rock, International Arena, Cardiff, Wales (Last gig with John Thomas on Guitar!)

With Andy Hart on Guitar... 06/02/2002 JB's, Dudley, England (First gig with Andy Hart on guitar) 08/02/2002 The Point, Cardiff, Wales (Moved from The Coal Exchange) 12/02/2002 The Brook, Southampton, England 13/02/2002 Central Station, Wrexham, Wales 15/02/2002 Plinston Hall, Letchworth, England 16/02/2002 Old Vic Rock Club, Nottingham, England 24/05/2002 Zaks, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, England 30/05/2002 Bar Cuba, Macclesfield, England 31/05/2002 The Bulkeley Hotel, Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales 01/06/2002 Patti Pavillion, Swansea, Wales 05/06/2002 The Limelight, Crewe, England 06/06/2002 Penningtons, Bradford, England 07/06/2002 The Flowerpot, Derby, England 14/06/2002 Manchester University 'Hop and Grape', Manchester, England 15/06/2002 Birmingham Academy 2, Birmingham, England 01/08/2002 The Canyon Club, Dallas, Texas, USA 02/08/2002 Sunken Garden's, San Antonio, Texas, USA 24/08/2002 Jaxx NightClub, Springfield, Virginia, USA [CANCELLED] 29/08/2002 The Witchwood, Ashton under Lyne, England 30/08/2002 The Office, South Shields, England 31/08/2002 The Rock Garden, Easington, England 26/09/2002 Fleece and Firkin, Bristol, England 27/09/2002 Cheese and Grain, Frome, England 03/10/2002 TJ's, Newport, Wales 11/11/2002 The Limelight, Crewe, England 12/11/2002 Central Station, Wrexham, Wales 14/11/2002 The Roadmender, Northampton, England 15/11/2002 The Zodiac, Oxford, England 20/11/2002 The Brook, Southampton, England 21/11/2002 Pierpoint, Hastings, England [CANCELLED] 22/11/2002 The Peel, Kingston Upon Thames, England 23/11/2002 Plinston Hall, Letchworth, England 27/11/2002 Transport Club, Rochdale, England 28/11/2002 Rock City, Nottingham, England 29/11/2002 JB's Dudley, Birmingham, England 30/11/2002 The Point, Cardiff, England 05/12/2002 The Boardwalk, Sheffield, England 09/01/2003 Astor Theatre, Deal, England [Cancelled] 10/01/2003 The Mean Fiddler, London, England 24/01/2003 Springhead, Hull, England 25/01/2003 Rio's, Bradford, England 31/01/2003 General Wolfe, Coventry, England 01/02/2003 Patti Pavilion, Swansea, Wales (Last gig with Andy Hart on Guitar!)
With Simon Lees on Guitar... 07th March 2003 Jaxx NightClub, Springfield, Virginia, USA [Cancelled] 08th March 2003 Metal Meltdown 5, Irvington, New Jersey, USA [Cancelled] 04th June 2003: Zodiac Club, Oxford (First gig with Simon Lees on guitar) 07th June 2003: Sweden Rock Festival, Solvesborg, Sweden 28th June 2003: Arrow Classic Rock Festival, Lichtenvoorde, Holland 25th July 2003: Rock & Blues Custom Show, Pentrich, Derbyshire, England 08th November 2003: Classic Rock Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium 14th November 2003: JB's, Dudley 15th November 2003: The Point, Cardiff, Wales 21st November 2003: Rockland, Sala, Sweden 22nd November 2003: Silja Festival at Sea, Stockholm, Sweden 25th November 2003: The Limelight, Crewe 26th November 2003: Band on the Wall, Manchester 27th November 2003: Trillians, Newcastle 28th November 2003: Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Scotland 02nd December 2003: The Brook, Southampton 03rd December 2003: Fleece and Firkin, Bristol 04th December 2003: Queen's Tap, Swindon 05th December 2003: Mean Fiddler, London 10th December 2003: Flower Pot, Derby 11th December 2003: Zodiac Club, Oxford 12th December 2003: Rio's, Bradford 13th December 2003: Boardwalk, Sheffield 18th December 2003: King's Head, London 19th December 2003: General Wolfe, Coventry 20th December 2003: Astor Theatre, Deal 04th March 2004: Klub Stodola, Warsaw, Poland 05th March 2004: Wisla Hall, Krakow, Poland 20th April 2004: Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, TX, USA 23rd April 2004: Roxy Theater, Northampton, PA, USA 24th April 2004: Jaxx Club, Springfield, VA, USA 01st May 2004: Lublin Festival, Lublin, Poland 03rd November 2004: Yale's Cafe, Wrexham, Wales 04th November 2004: The Witchwood, Manchester 05th November 2004: Carnegie Hall, Workington 10th November, 2004: The Charlotte, Leicester 11th November 2004: Trillians, Newcastle 12th November 2004: Liberty's Middlesborough 17th November 2004: The Limelight, Crewe 18th November 2004: Westport Bar, Dundee, Scotland 19th November 2004: The Venue, Edinburgh, Scotland 20th November 2004: Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Scotland 22nd November 2004: Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, Scotland 23rd November 2004: Sudden Social Club, Rochdale 24th November 2004: Boardwalk, Sheffield 25th November 2004: Queen's Tap, Swindon 26th November 2004: Bierkeller, Bristol 27th November 2004: Morville Hotel, Rhyl 01st December 2004: Southsea Pier, Portsmouth 02nd December 2004: Zodiac Club, Oxford 03rd December 2004: Cox's Yard, Stratford-on-Avon 04th December 2004: Concorde 2, Brighton 08th December 2004: Underworld, London 09th December 2004: JB's, Dudley 15th December 2004: Phoenix Club, Ilfracombe 14th September 2005: Boardwalk, Sheffield 15th September 2005: Trillians, Newcastle 16th September 2005: Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Scotland 17th September 2005: Bannerman's, Edinburgh, Scotland 21st September 2005: Roadmender, Northampton 22nd September 2005: Zodiac Club, Oxford 23rd September 2005: Underworld, London 24th September 2005: Concorde 2, Brighton 29th September 2005: Carling Academy 2, Liverpool 30th September 2005: Rio's, Bradford 01st October 2005: The Witchwood, Manchester 05th October 2005: The Limelight, Crewe 07th October 2005: Cox's Yard, Stratford-on-Avon 08th October 2005: Flower Pot, Derby 12th October 2005: Yale's Cafe, Wrexham, Wales 13th October 2005: Bierkeller, Bristol 14th October 2005: The Point, Cardiff, Wales 15th October 2005: Astor Theatre, Deal 19th October 2005: Southsea Pier, Portsmouth 20th October 2005: Mr Kyps, Poole 21st October 2005: Battle Memorial Hall, Hastings 22nd October 2005: The Furnace, Swindon 25th November 2005: Rockland, Sala, Sweden 26th November 2005: Silja Festival at Sea, Stockholm, Sweden 30th November 2005: Phoenix Club, Ilfracombe 01st December 2005: Honiton Motel, Honiton 02nd December 2005: Princess Pavilion, Falmouth 09th December 2005: Queen's Hall, Nuneaton 10th December 2005: Cheese and Grain, Frome 20th September 2006: Southsea Pier, Portsmouth 21st September 2006: Mr Kyps, Poole 22nd September 2006: Concorde 2, Brighton 23rd September 2006: The Crypt, Hastings 26th October 2006: Underworld, Camden 27th October 2006: Sports Centre, Maidstone 28th October 2006: The Furnace, Swindon 02nd November 2006: Bierkeller, Bristol 03rd November 2006: The Point, Cardiff (Cuckooland collected) 07th November 2006: The Limelight, Crewe 08th November 2006: ? Hall, Worcester 09th November 2006: Honiton Motel, Honiton 10th November 2006: Princess Pavilion, Falmouth 11th November 2006: Cheese and Grain, Frome 15th November 2006: The Witchwood, Manchester 16th November 2006: Carling Academy 2, Liverpool 17th November 2006: Golden Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield 18th November 2006: Central Club, Blackpool 24th November 2006: Gwyn Hall, Neath 25th November 2006: The Twist, Colchester 28th November 2006: Yales Cafe, Wrexham 29th November 2006: Springhead Tavern, Hull 30th November 2006: Liquid Bar, Scarborough 01st December 2006: Hark to Towler, Manchester 02nd December 2006: Rio's, Bradford 13th December 2006: JB's, Dudley 14th December 2006: Soundhaus, Northampton 16th December 2006: Tom's Bar, Pontypridd, Wales 09th March 2007: Rockland, Sala, Sweden 10th March 2007: Viking Rock at Sea Festival, Stockholm, Sweden 12th April 2007: Klub Eskulap, Poznan, Poland 13th April 2007: Progressia, Warsaw, Poland 14th April 2007: Venue?, Krakow, Poland Special Thanks to Simon Lees for supplying most of the above dates to me! Thanks also to Steve Toal!
With Craig Goldy on Guitar... ??/01/2008 - Cox's Yard, Stratford Upon Avon, England (First gig with Craig Goldy on guitar) 02/02/2008 - Milkwoodjam, Swansea, Wales 07/02/2008 - Sheffield, England 16/02/2008 - The Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane, Australia 19/02/2008 - The Metro, Sydney, Australia 20/02/2008 - The Forum Theatre, Melbourne, Australia 21/02/2008 - The Gov, Adelaide, Australia 23/02/2008 - Capitol, Perth, Australia 22/07/2008 - The Underworld, Camden Town, London., England 23/07/2008 - JB's, Dudley, England 24/07/2008 - Limelight Club, Crewe., England 25/07/2008 - The Academy 2, Liverpool, England 26/07/2008 - Rock and Blues Festival, Derbyshire, England (Cancelled)