BUDGIE - Live Performances in 1974

11/01/1974 Thames Polytechnic, London, England
15/01/1974 Beirut Casino, Beirut, Lebanon [Cancelled]
16/01/1974 Beirut Casino, Beirut, Lebanon [Cancelled]
17/01/1974 Outlook Club, Doncaster, England
18/01/1974 Locarno, Sunderland, England
19/01/1974 City Hall, Newcastle, England
25/01/1974 Dixieland Ballroom, Colwyn Bay, Wales
26/01/1974 Links Ballroom, Cromer, England
02/02/1974 Peterborough Tech, Peterborough, England
08/02/1974 Fagin's Club, Wrexham, Wales
09/02/1974 St Thomas's Hall, Canterbury, England
11/02/1974 The Marquee, London, England (with support Judas Priest)
12/02/1974 Glen Ballroom, Swansea, Wales
23/02/1974 Bromley Tech, Bromley, England
27/02/1974 Lafayette, Wolverhampton, England
01/03/1974 Patti Pavilion, Swansea, Wales [Cancelled]
02/03/1974 Stoneground, Manchester, England
08/03/1974 Polytechnic, Woolwich, England
09/03/1974 Global Village, London, England (Broadcast live on Capitol Radio, London)
11/03/1974 Tiffany's, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
14/03/1974 Youth Club, Romford, England
15/03/1974 Corn Exchange, Device's, England?
16/03/1974 Royal Links Pavilion, Cromer, England
17/03/1974 George Hotel, Burslem, Stoke on Trent, England
18/03/1974 Golden Diamond, Sutton in Ashfield, England [Cancelled?]
22/03/1974 Kings Hall, Derby, England
23/03/1974 Leisure Centre, Ebbw Vale, Wales

- German Tour - March 28th thru April 13th - 
28/03/1974 Onderground, Bonn, Germany
29/03/1974 The Toact Club, ?, Germany
30/03/1974 The Clichy, Augsburg, Germany
31/03/1974 The Manufaktur, Schorndorf, Stuttgart, Germany
01/04/1974 Hamburg, Germany
02/04/1974 Hamburg, Germany
03/04/1974 Luneburg, Germany
04/04/1974 Onderground, Bonn, Germany
05/04/1974 Bannewanne Bielbbelb, Hannover, Germany
06/04/1974 Beat Club, Llangellsheim, Germany
??/04/1974 Zoom Club, Frankfurt, Germany
??/04/1974 Zoom Club, Frankfurt, Germany
??/04/1974 Zoom Club, Frankfurt, Germany

17/04/1974 Leamington Spa, England
19/04/1974 Town Hall, Swindon, England
??/04/1974 Patti Pavilion, Swansea, Wales
22/04/1974 Town Hall, Lydney, England

- Tour of Norway 26th April thru 04th May -

- UK Tour with support Judas Priest - 
09/05/1974 Town Hall, Birmingham, England
10/05/1974 Town Hall, Leeds, England
11/05/1974 Floral Hall, Scarborough, England
12/05/1974 City Hall, Newcastle, England
15/05/1974 Heavy Steam Machine, Stoke on Trent, England
16/05/1974 Tiffanys Club, Derby, England
17/05/1974 City Hall, Sheffield, England
18/05/1974 Stoneground, Manchester, England
19/05/1974 King Georges Hall, Blackburn, England
21/05/1974 Memorial Hall, Barry, Wales
22/05/1974 Pavilion, Bath, England [Cancelled]
22/05/1974 County Hotel, Taunton, England
23/05/1974 Norfolk Art College, Kings Lynn, England
24/05/1974 Victoria Hall, Tonbridge, England
25/05/1974 City Hall, St Albans, England
26/05/1974 Woodsville Hall, Civic Centre, Gravesend, England
27/05/1974 GuildHall, Plymouth, England
28/05/1974 Town Hall, Torquay, England
29/05/1974 Town Hall, High Wycombe, England [Cancelled?]
30/05/1974 Top of the World, Stafford or Civic hall, Guilford, England
31/05/1974 Community Centre, Slough, England
01/06/1974 Eversham Hall, Evesham, England [Cancelled]
01/06/1974 Polytechnic, Brighton, England
03/06/1974 Sherwood Rooms, Nottingham
04/06/1974 Tiffanys Club, Hull, England
05/06/1974 Town Hall, Sittingbourne, England
06/06/1974 Westgate Hall, Canterbury, England
07/06/1974 King Alfred College, Winchester, England
08/06/1974 Stadium, Liverpool, England
09/06/1974 The Marquee, London, England
July 1974 Planned two week tour of Australia & six shows also planned for New
05/07/1974 Mayfair, Newcastle, England
17/07/1974 Lyceum, London, England
21/07/1974 Greyhound, Croydon, London, England
27/07/1974 'The Village', Dagenham Roundhouse, Dagenham, Essex, England
28/08/1974 Westfalenhalle 3, Dortmund, Germany (with Nazareth)
12/09/1974 Konzerthuset, Orebro, Sweden
05/10/1974 'The Village', Dagenham Roundhouse, Dagenham, Essex, England
20/10/1974 Winning Post, Twickenham, England
26/10/1974 Sheffield University, Sheffield, England
02/11/1974 County Cricket Club, Northampton, England (Last gig with Pete Boot?)
- First dates for Steve Williams -
06/12/1974 University, Edinburgh, Scotland
07/12/1974 University, Glasgow, Scotland
10/12/1974 Barbarellas, Birmingham, England
12/12/1974 Stadium, Liverpool, England
15/12/1974 Greyhound, Croydon, London, England

BUDGIE - Maidstone, England 1974 (Photo's:- Phil Neumann c1974)

BUDGIE - Maidstone, England 1974

Thanks to Pete Boot, Terry, Paul Strange, Peter Schlattner, Trevor Batchelor (Dagenham Roundhouse information) & others for various 1974 gig listing information.