BUDGIE - Live Performances in 1976

- 1976 European Tour (Seven Nations) January & February -
12/01/1976 Brussels, Belgium
16/01/1976 De Meule, Heesch, Holland
17/01/1976 Exit, Rotterdam, Holland
18/01/1976 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
19/01/1976 Sneeuwwitje, Venlo, Holland
20/01/1976 Doelen, Delft, Holland
21/01/1976 Stokvishal, Arnhem, Holland
22/01/1976 Graanbeurs, Breda, Holland
23/01/1976 Paard van Troje, Den Haag, Holland
24/01/1976 Over de Brug, Gouda, Holland
25/01/1976 Tioli, Haareem, Holland
??/??/1976 Wellcome Discotecque, Hutzel, Germany

- US Tour In February (Cancelled) -
07/02/1976 Boston [Cancelled]
11/04/1976 Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead, England
15/04/1976 Wonderland, The Mayfair Suite, Birmingham, England (Budgie didn't turn up!)
16/04/1976 Leith Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
17/04/1976 Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland
18/04/1976 City Hall, Newcastle, England
20/04/1976 City Hall, Glasgow, Scotland
23/04/1976 Victoria Halls, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, England
24/04/1976 Skindles, Maidenhead (switched to 22/05/1976)
25/04/1976 Greyhound, Croydon, London, England
26/04/1976 Top Rank, Swansea, Wales
28/04/1976 City Hall, Sheffield, England
29/04/1976 Town Hall, Cheltenham, England
30/04/1976 Top Rank, Cardiff, Wales
01/05/1976 County Cricket Club, Northampton, England
02/05/1976 Civic Hall, Guildford, England
03/05/1976 Guildhall, Plymouth, England
07/05/1976 Nelsons Column, Burnley [Cancelled]
07/05/1976 Lancaster University, Lancaster, England
08/05/1976 Nottingham University, Nottingham, England
09/05/1976 Stadium, Liverpool, England (Gig halted early due to stage problem, refer 10/07/1976)
10/05/1976 De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England
11/05/1976 St Andrews Hall, Norwich, England
13/05/1976 Polytechnic, Leeds, England
15/05/1976 City Hall, St Albans, England
16/05/1976 New Victoria Theatre, London, England (Switched from Chalk Farm Roundhouse due to overwhelming demand for tickets)
18/05/1976 Drill Hall, Lincoln, England
19/05/1976 Town Hall, Birmingham, England
21/05/1976 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
22/05/1976 Kursall, Southend [cancelled due to 'Southend Sounds Festival']
22/05/1976 Skindles, Maidenhead, England
23/05/1976 Leisure Centre, Ebbw Vale, Wales
26/05/1976 Town Hall, Reading, England
29/05/1976 Sports Centre, Bracknell
31/05/1976 Football Stadium, Southend 'Southend Sounds Festival'
15/06/1976 Studio 4, Maida Vale, London, England ('In Session Tonight with John Peel', Broadcast 01/07/1976) 
16/06/1976 Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
- June & Early July 1976 European Tour (Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & Germany) -
03/07/1976 Folkets Park, Malmo, Sweden

10/07/1976 Stadium, Liverpool, England
           (reduced price of 1 pound; gig in compensation for 09/05/1976 gig, which was 
            brought to an early halt because the stage was in danger of collapse.)
24/07/1976 Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, Wales 'Cardiff Castle Festival'

- September 1976  Ten date UK Tour incl Scotland? -
24/09/1976 Bingley Hall, Birmingham, England ('Brum Rock 76' with Stray/ Strife)

02/10/1976 Westfalenhalle 1, Dortmund, Germany  (1st Dortmunder Rock Dream Festival with Rainbow/ Scorpions/ UFO/ Caravan & Golden Earing)
11/11/1976 Warwick University, Warwick, England (with Mott & The Pink Faries)?

- US Tour Nov & Dec -
20/11/1976 Royal Oak Theater, Detroit, MI, USA (Budgie's first US gig!)
22/11/1976 Agoura Ballroom, Columbus, OH, USA
24/11/1976 Agricultural Hall, Allentown, PA, USA (Co-headline with Montrose)
25/11/1976 My Father's Place, Long Island, New York, NY, USA
27/11/1976 Revs, Milwaukee, WI, USA
29/11/1976 Agora, Cleveland, OH, USA (with Sparks)
01/12/1976 The Beginnings, Schaumberg, IL, USA
02/12/1976 Night Gallery, Waukegan, IL, USA (with Captain Beyond)
03/12/1976 Night Gallery, Waukegan, IL, USA
04/12/1976 Rusty Springs, St Louis, MO, USA
06/12/1976 EL Tejon, Madison, WI, USA
08/12/1976 The Echo, Dayton, OH, USA
09/12/1976 Another Place, Louisville, KY, USA
??/12/1976 Ricco's, Belleville, IL, USA

19/12/1976 Fairfield Hall, Croydon, England