BUDGIE - Live Performances in 1977

23/01/1977 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, Camden, London, England (with Stray/ Nutz support)
10/02/1977 Kings Hall, Derby, England
17/02/1977 Queensway Civic Hall, Dunstable, England
??/02/1977 Salford University, Manchester, England?
??/02/1977 My Father's Place, Long Island, New York, NY, USA (Budgie were opening act!)
16/04/1977 The Place, Dover, NJ, USA
??/??/1977 Roxy Theatre, Allentown, PA, USA
??/05/1977 Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON, Canada (Free show)
14/05/1977 Delta Theatre, Hamilton, ON, Canada [Cancelled?]
03/06/1977 The Place, Dover, New Jersey, USA
05/06/1977 The Tommorrow Theatre, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
06/06/1977 The Phoenix, Rockford, IL, USA
07/06/1977 Red Lion, Bloomington, IL, USA
08/06/1977 Uncle Sams, Davenport, Iowa, USA
09/06/1977 Uncle Sams, Desmoines, Iowa, USA
12/06/1977 Second Chance, Peoria, IL, USA
13/06/1977 Times Square, Decature, IL, USA
14/06/1977 Waterloo, Iowa, USA
05/07/1977 Playhouse Theatre, Winnipeg, MN, Canada
??/??/1977 Disco Sound, Berlin, Germany 
11/11/1977 The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA, USA
12/11/1977 The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA, USA
15/11/1977 The Crazy Horse, Killeen, TX, USA (Budgie's first ever gig in Texas!)
19/11/1977 Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, TX, USA (Support for Legs Diamond)
??/??/1977 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
30/12/1977 Harlech TV, Cardiff, Wales

BUDGIE - Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada 1977

Budgie - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 1977