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BUDGIE - The 1995 Reunion Concert in San Antonio

Burke Shelley reformed BUDGIE in early 1995 for a one off performance at La Semana Alegre, a large music festival held each year in San Antonio, Texas. The performance was scheduled to occur on the 21st April 1995. Much excitement and anticipation spread among fans all over the world as the rumors were finally confirmed. Rehearsals started in late March with the line-up of Burke Shelley, John Thomas and new member Robert 'Congo' Jones, the former Love Sculpture drummer. Budgie were to headline the opening night of the 26th La Semana Alegre music festival. Rob Halford's FIGHT were special guests with local San Antonio band Judge Mental opening. Budgie played for around 100 minutes including an 18 minute version of Breadfan. Some 25,000 screaming fans were there to greet Budgie for their first live performance in seven years!

BUDGIE - Freeman Coliseum 'La Semana Alegre', San Antonio, Texas 21st April 1995

Intro - Crime Against The World/ Don't Cry/ She Used Me Up/ Gunslinger/ Truth Drug/ Panzer Division Destroyed/ I Turned To Stone/ In For The Kill Medley incl. Rape Of The Locks - Guts/ Melt The Ice Away/ Superstar/ Napoleon Bona-part I & II/ Wildfire incl Rock & Roll jam / Breadfan incl JT Guitar Solo

BUDGIE - La Semana Alegre Soundcheck, San Antonio, Texas 21st April 1995

Burke Shelley & John Thomas onstage at La Semana Alegre

BUDGIE - UK Rehearsals July 1996

Budgie - Rehearsals at The Showcase, San Antonio 22nd August 1996

Budgie - Sunken Garden rehearsals at San Antonio's showcase club

BUDGIE - Soundcheck, Sunken Gardens, San Antonio 24th August 1996

Reunion of Burke Shelley, Tony Bourge & Steve Williams - Wales 1997