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The Formation - 1967
BUDGIE - The Original 1968 Photograph
   Budgie were formed in late 1967 when Burke Shelley first met up with guitarist
   Brian Goddard in Cardiff, Wales. Burke found Ray via Gamlin's, a music shop in
   Cardiff. A friend 'Kevin' joined on lead guitar and the band were formed. Their
   first gig in early 1968 was under the name of Hills Contemporary Grass. Following
   this the band became BUDGIE. Kevin soon departed and Tony Bourge was recruited
   into the band, it was now mid 1968.

BUDGIE - Mid 1968
Burke Shelley - Bass/ Vocals, Tony Bourge - Guitar, Brian Goddard - Guitar/Vocals & Ray Phillips - Drums/ percussion
The band rehearsed and gigged quite solidly, playing pubs, clubs and halls throughout South Wales. Sometime in 1969 the band entered the George Shrland studios in Cardiff and recorded a demo tape. to be continued...

The Power Trio is Born - 1970
BUDGIE (SIX TON BUDGIE) - Cardiff 1970

BUDGIE in 1970
(Previously unpublished photographs c/o Ray Phillips)

BUDGIE - Gibus Club, Paris, France September 1971

SQUAWK - 1972

BUDGIE - Dome Theatre, Brighton, England 14th December 1972

Pete Replaces Ray - 1974

BUDGIE - Maidstone, England 1974

Steve Replaces Pete - 1975

BUDGIE - Folestone, England 1975

BURKE SHELLEY - Folestone, England 1975

BUDGIE 1975 Promotional Photograph