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This page features all the known BUDGIE Bootlegs that are in existance.
If anyone knows of other Budgie Bootlegs then please contact me.
Latest Bootlegs... - Global Village, London, England 09/03/74 UK Bootleg CDR released December 1998 - "Breadfunsy", London, England 08/02/75 Japanese Bootleg CD released December 1998 Note: Sabre Dance - The Official Budgie Fan Club in no way promotes Bootlegs.

NOTE: Regarding the two new Bootlegs released I would like to say the following..
I actually obtained 1st gen copies of these tapes from the guy who originally recorded them. I have traded copies of these tapes to a select group of Budgie fans over the years. I know who I gave copies of these tapes too. I also know who has given these tapes to be made into Bootlegs. I don't think it's fair that the members of the band don't get any royalties for these. You once again will be ripping fans off with poor quality sound on the CD's and releasing rehashed material again (ie BBC 1972). I will never again be trading any previously uncirculated tapes (oh yes I have more!!) to you or anyone associated to you. Be careful what you do in future!! As a final note, most people know I collect everything on Budgie. In conjunction with Paul Cox I have managed to assist in the production of the recent Budgie CD's aka 'Heavier Than Air'. Paul has done alot of work convincing Burke that this is what the fans want. It certainly doesn't help when certain assholes put out some of the crap Bootlegs I have been seeing lately. On the other hand if a quality Bootleg CD is released, I think in many ways this is a bonus for the fans and in a roundabout way the promotion of Budgie.
Simon Wilson - 12th December 1998


BUDGIE - More Bootlegs!
(Global Village, London 09/03/74 & "Breadfunsy", London 08/02/75 plus BBC 73)

BUDGIE - UK Bootleg CDR's
(De Montfort Hall, Leicester 21/09/75 & Sounds Of The Seventies, BBC 03/11/72)

BUDGIE - Electric Ballroom
(Live at the Electric Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI, USA 4th May 1978)

BUDGIE - Live In Concert
(Live at Ricco's, Belleville, IL, USA December 1976)

BUDGIE - Breaking The Kill
(Live at Ricco's and De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England 21st September 1975)

BUDGIE - Dodge City
(Live at Electric Ballroom and The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA 22nd April 1978)


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