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BUDGIE - Live Performances in 1973

Gigs in France, Germany, Spain, Austria & Switzerland
??/??/1973 Van Dike Club, Plymouth, England
06/01/1973 Stoneground, Manchester, England
12/01/1973 Slough Community Centre, Slough, England
04/02/1973 Mad Hatter Club, Maidstone, England
09/03/1973 Thames Polytechnic, London, England
19/03/1973 Quaintways, Chester, England (Support Judas Priest)
30/03/1973 CMU School, Wakefield, England? (Support 'Be-Bop Deluxe')
01/04/1973 Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford
06/04/1973 Medway College of Technology, Fort Horsted, Chatham, England
14/04/1973 The Greyhound, London
16/04/1973 Dix Club, Wolverhampton
10/05/1973 Town Hall, Wellington, England
21/05/1973 The Marquee, London, England
24/05/1973 Newport, Wales
25/05/1973 Plough and Arrow, Hucknall, England
26/05/1973 Porterhouse, Retford, England
27/05/1973 George Hotel, Burslem, England
28/05/1973 Cooks Ferry Inn, Edmonton, England
29/05/1973 Birmingham, England
30/05/1973 Royal Naval Club, Coventry, England 
09/06/1973 All Saints, Manchester, England
14/06/1973 Dix Club, Wolverhampton, England
23/06/1973 Friars Club, Aylesbury, England
05/07/1973 Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes, England

- UK Tour with support Judas Priest July & August 1973 -
17/07/1973 Town Hall, Bolton, England
18/07/1973 Town Hall, Castleford, England
19/07/1973 Houldsworth Hall, Manchester, England
20/07/1973 St Georges Hall, Liverpool, England
21/07/1973 Arts Centre, Huddersfield, England
22/07/1973 Memorial Hall, Criccigth
23/07/1973 Memorial Hall, Northwich, England
24/07/1973 Borough Hall, Stafford, England (with Thin Lizzy. Judas Priest did not appear)
26/07/1973 Drill Hall, Lincoln, England
27/07/1973 City Hall, Hull, England
28/07/1973 Alexandra Palace, London, England (London Music Festival '73.
Night 2 with Nazareth, Man, East of Eden & Flash)
29/07/1973 Albany Hotel, Nottingham, England (Support Judas Priest)
30/07/1973 Tiffany's, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales (Support Judas Priest)
31/07/1973 Locarno, Coventry, England (Support Judas Priest)
01/08/1973 Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead, England (Support Judas Priest)
02/08/1973 Memorial Hall, Barry, Wales (Support Judas Priest)
03/08/1973 Guildhall, Plymouth, England (Support Judas Priest)
04/08/1973 City Hall, Truro, England
11/08/1973 Town Park, Harlow, England
14/08/1973 Top Deck, Redcar, England
15/08/1973 Outlook, Doncaster, England
17/08/1973 Global Village, Charing Cross, London, England
18/08/1973 Town Hall, Gainsborough, England
??/08/1973 Top Hat, Spennymoor, England
26/08/1973 Kendal Festival, Westmorland?
06/09/1973 Town Hall, Birmingham, England
15/09/1973 Boat Club, Nottingham, England
16/09/1973 George Hotel, Durslem, England
20/09/1973 Town Hall, Atherstone, England
21/09/1973 Salford Technical College, Manchester, England
22/09/1973 St John's College, York, England
28/09/1973 Fag Club, Wigan, England
29/09/1973 Alex's Disco, Salisbury, England
30/09/1973 The Tavern, Dorchester, England
04/10/1973 Intercon Club, Hull, England
06/10/1973 Swansea University, Swansea, Wales
08/10/1973 Golden Diamond, Sutton In Ashfield, England
09/10/1973 Cotham Bowl, Redcar, England ?
11/10/1973 California Ballroom, Dunstable, England
12/10/1973 Hilltop Club, Carlisle, England
13/10/1973 College, Dudley, England
15/10/1973 Top Hat, Spennymoor, England
17/10/1973 Samantha's, Leek, England
19/10/1973 Temple Row Pub, Wrexham, Wales
20/10/1973 Porterhouse, Retford, England
24/10/1973 Swindon, England
26/10/1973 City Hall, St Albans, England (with Thin Lizzy)
28/10/1973 Albany, Nottingham, England
29/10/1973 Firebird Club, Birmingham, England
02/11/1973 Zoom Club, Frankfurt, Germany
03/11/1973 Zoom Club, Frankfurt, Germany
04/11/1973 Zoom Club, Frankfurt, Germany
Ray leaves Budgie circa 08/11/1973
With Pete Boot...
09/11/1973 Market Hall, Haverfordwest, England (First BUDGIE gig featuring Pete Boot)
10/11/1973 St Paul's College, Cheltenham, England
11/11/1973 George Hotel, Burslem, England
16/11/1973 MAIDSTONE, England?
21/11/1973 Forum, Cannock, England
??/11/1973 GRIMSBY, England?
28/11/1973 Immington Civic Centre, Grimsby, England 
Spanish Tour Late Nov & Early December 1973
??/11/1973 Madrid, Spain
26/11/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain
27/11/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain
28/11/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain
29/11/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain
30/11/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain
01/12/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain
02/12/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain
03/12/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain
04/12/1973 Double Zero Club, Barcelona, Spain

08/12/1973 Watford College, Watford, England
21/12/1973 Red Lion, Leytonstone, England
27/12/1973 King George's Hall, Blackburn, England