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BUDGIE - Live Performances in 1972

Gigs in Holland, Germany, Italy & France during in 1972
??/??/1972 Youth Club, Abertillery, Wales
20/01/1972 Warwick University, Warwick, England (with Mott the Hoople & Pink Faries)?
01/02/1972 BBC Studio 1, Shepherds Bush, London, England ('In Session Tonight with John Peel', Broadcast 25/02/1972)
24/02/1972 Glamorgan Polytechnic, Wales
25/02/1972 St Peter’s School, York, England (with Flash)
29/02/1972 Fulham Greyhound, London, England
   03/1972 BBC TV, London 'Sounds of the Seventies'
08/04/1972 Newport, Wales
21/04/1972 Youth Centre, Bridgend, Wales
01/05/1972 Fulham Greyhound, London, England
05/05/1972 Winter Gardens, Penzance, England
06/05/1972 Van Dyke Club, Plymouth, England
09/05/1972 Henry's Blueshouse, Birmingham, England
12/05/1972 Renco Club, Rhymney, Wales
14/05/1972 Clouds, Derby, England
22/05/1972 Growling Budgie Club, Ilford, England
27/05/1972 Great Western Express Festival, Bardney, Lincolnshire, England
Budgie headlined in the "Giants of Tomorrow" Marquee 
On the main stage that day were Nazareth, Wishbone Ash, Roxy Music, The Strawbs, The Faces plus others.
01/06/1972 Cleopatra's, Derby, England
02/06/1972 Main Pier, Hastings, England
03/06/1972 Builders Exchange, Huddersfield, England
08/06/1972 Memorial Hall, Barry, Wales
10/06/1972 Up The Junction, Crewe, England
??/06/1972 Granary, Bristol, England
07/07/1972 Van Dike Club, Plymouth, England
21/07/1972 Top Rank, Doncaster, England (with Mott the Hoople)
11/09/1972 BBC Studio 1, Shepherds Bush, London, England ('Sequence with Kidd Brown', Broadcast 03/11/1972)
22/09/1972 Stirling University, Stirling, Scotland
27/09/1972 Newcastle, England?
27/09/1972 Growling Budgie Club, Ilford, London, England
28/09/1972 Sheffield, England
29/09/1972 Nottingham, England?
29/09/1972 76 Club, Burton on Trent, England
30/09/1972 Crewe, England
03/10/1972 Henry's Blueshouse, Birmingham, England
07/10/1972 College, Trent Park, England
12/10/1972 Kensington Court Club, Newport, Monmouth, Wales
15/10/1972 Stoneground, Manchester, England
19/10/1972 Paris Theatre, London, England (BBC INCONCERT Series)
17/10/1972 Glen Ballroom, Llanelli Wales
19/10/1972 Cavern Club, Liverpool, England
20/10/1972 Cavern Club, Liverpool, England
21/10/1972 Cavern Club, Liverpool, England  (with Smokey Joe)
22/10/1972 Cavern Club, Liverpool, England (with Clear Blue Sky)
23/10/1972 West Cumberland College, Workington, England (with Warhorse)
26/10/1972 City Hall, St Albans, England (support for Thin Lizzy)
26/10/1972 Tech College, Scarborough, England
27/10/1972 Builders Exchange, Huddersfield, England
28/10/1972 King George College, Cardiff, Wales
29/10/1972 Firebird Club, The Roebuck Inn, Birmingham, England
01/11/1972 Polytechnic, Plymouth, England
11/11/1972 'The Village', Dagenham Roundhouse, Dagenham, Essex, England (Support Zoe)
16/11/1972 Station Hotel, City unknown, England
17/11/1972 Stoneground, Manchester, England (with Fruupp)
18/11/1972 Chester College, Chester, England
19/11/1972 Youth Club, Bletchley, England
22/11/1972 Big Brother, Greenford, England
23/11/1972 College of Food, Birmingham, England
24/11/1972 Technical College, South Dorset, England
25/11/1972 Cardiff, Wales [BBC WALES Disc-A-Dawn TV SHOW]
27/11/1972 Top Rank, Hanley, England
??/11/1972 Van Dike Club, Plymouth, England (Budgie's Third appearance at this club!)
06/12/1972 Pier Pavillion, Hastings, England
07/12/1972 Technical College, Poole, England
09/12/1972 Queen’s Hotel, Southend, England
10/12/1972 Queens Club, Westcliff, Southend, England
12/12/1972 Nero's Club, Ramsgate, England
14/12/1972 Dome Theatre, Brighton, England
15/12/1972 Danum Grammar School, Doncaster, England
16/12/1972 'The Village', Dagenham Roundhouse, Dagenham, Essex, England (Support Shamelady)
17/12/1972 George Hotel, Burslem, Stoke on Trent, England
19/12/1972 Nightingale, Wood Green, England
20/12/1972 Derby College of Further Education, Derby, England
21/12/1972 Technical College, Lincoln, England
22/12/1972 St John's Hall, Peterborough, England
23/12/1972 Pioneer Club, St Albans, England
24/12/1972 Croydon Greyhound, London, England
29/12/1972 Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford, England

BUDGIE - Dome Theatre, Brighton, England 14th December 1972