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BUDGIE - Live in Cardiff 29th September 2001

Paul Strange reports...
A great night - my ears are still ringing !! Best gig I've seen them do in terms of the set,
plus they were really tight and Burke actually looked to be really enjoying himself !? 
JT's playing was spot on. I will email some photos to you for inclusion on the web site 
as soon as I have them back !
The only disappointment was the attendance. I'd say 1500 tops. The CIA which is a large 
oval hall was divided in half with a large curtain obviously to make it feel less empty 
than it really was. There was some temporary tiered seating at the back and then standing 
room to the stage. Maybe Budgie aren't a big enough draw for a venue that size but I saw 
no promotion around Cardiff - not a single poster - yet there were hundreds for that 
crummy band Saxon in some pub size venue, and the gig wasn't even listed in the local 
rag. Ironically, given recent events there was no security or body searching on the door 
and so I could easily have taken in a Walkman to tape the gig - wish I had now!
I saw Ray Phillips there with Axel - they were busy chatting, almost everyone wanted to 
talk to Ray so I didn't say hello and I didn't bother trying to get backstage - I just 
wanted to enjoy the moment. Had a nice chat though with the guy who was driving the van 
that put poor Steve into hospital (he looked great by the way - bleached (or was it just 
grey?) crew cut hair and shades.

Kimla Taz were ace, as were Sassafras and Racing Cars. Man were dull as ditchwater.
Paul Strange - 30th September 2001

Sean McCabe reports...
Hi Folks 
Just to say Hi to you all and that I'm a certified Budgie nut, first saw them
Music Machine 1979 with Rob Kendrick. Still getting over the fantastic Budgie gig 
at Cardiff, it was certainly worth the Journey and the expense to see a 'home town' gig! 
I was also at Letchworth, However I enjoyed the set presented at Cardiff
(probably because I'm old git!!) and also I thought the sound was more polished 
and Burke seemed more 'into it' ?? I decided (bad choice for ears!!) to plant myself 
right at the front on Burkes's side of the stage and had to smile as one of the roadies 
left a packet of 'trill' on top Burke's amp as they were setting up - 
it soon disapeared through - maybe that wouldn't have gone 
down too well ?? As we all wittnessed, the grand chords of the intro were a 
little 'muffled' as JT's amps were not pushing out their usual wattage
-(were the standby switches on ?) anyway they exchanged 'WTF' is going on looks
across the stage and just kept things going like true pro's until normal
decibel levels returned. 
What a great treat to get Black Velvet Stallion I'd sure like to hear that again
- some very nice JT trimmings added in there - Guitar 'singing' on the solo's 
Zoom club too? - wow - with JT singing on the chorus (In falsetto?!!)
Burke's voice the best I've heard it in along time, In for the kill + medley,
oh soooo heavy - how did the walls stay up ? Napoleon - I'm so glad they included this one
Burke looks across to JT during the guitar appeggio intro and smiles - must be a
private joke here somewhere..... 
There were other great moments and in fact the whole set was superb - the boys were
in top form especially Steve after his reported van accident just a few weeks before
And just to think......I nearly stayed at home (how bad a descion would that have been?) 
Sorry to all who could'nt make it - maybe we'll get the 2001 part of the tour
(it said it on the T-shirts!!) 
Best Wishes 
Sean McCabe - October 2001

Some pictures taken by longtime UK Budgie fan Paul Strange...

For more pictures and another review press this link...

Many thanks to Paul Cox, Paul Strange, Sean McCabe, Alan Howard & Ray Cordell for pictures, scans & reviews etc.